CBT - Compulsory Basic Training

CBT - Compulsory Basic Training

CBT gets you up and running so you can ride a manual or automatic. It is renewable every 2 years.

  • Up to 50cc (16 year olds)
  • Up to 125cc (17 years upwards)

CBT is broken into various elements - detailed below

Element A:

A talk where we explain the aims of the CBT, the importance of motorcycle clothing, what the CBT entails and what is expected of you. We check your licence for provisional entitlement to ride a motorcycle and your eyesight.

Element B:

We move out of the classroom to the training area where you are introduced to the machine you will be using.

We will talk you round the machine, taking in the controls and legal aspects . You will also push the bike around and put it on and off the stand. Finally you will start the engine.

Element C:

What you have been waiting for - RIDING THE BIKE.

We take you through a set course so that you feel safe and confident on the bike. People call it riding through the cones, yes that's part of it, but it is a lot more in depth than that. We are teaching you to be safe on the road.

Element D:

Is a talk on safety on the road. The Do's and Don'ts of keeping yourself safe.

Element E:

We fit you up with radios and your instructor will take you out on the road for a minimum of 2 hours. This is where you will need your knowledge of the Highway Code as you will be riding through town where you will experience traffic lights, Zebra, Pelican and Puffin crossings, roundabouts, one way systems, no entries, left and right turns etc. There will also be a country riding element to the on road training.

Complete the course elements satisfactorily and a CBT certificate (DL 196) is yours.

The course is a minimum of a day. Some people need a little more time so you will come back another day for more training.

You now have your CBT which lasts for 2 years.