DAS - Direct Access from age 19

DAS - Direct Access from age 19

You will train on one of our 500cc bikes to gain a full licence.

The course can be taken as intensive block training or over a period of time. Please note these are full days' training.

Direct Access Course - DAY 1

Riding up to 100 miles of beautiful Welsh countryside to gain familiarisation with the bike.

Direct Access Course - DAY 2

Training for the Modular 1 part of the test. We re-create the test full size on our training area so that when you take it for real there are no hidden surprises.

Direct Access Course - DAY 3

The Modular 1 Test

Direct Access Course - DAY 4

Town work and general tuning up your skills for the Modular 2 part of the test.

Direct Access Course - DAY 5

The Modular 2 Test

The days above are over a period of time but we can do the training as a block where both the Modular 1 and Modular 2 tests are taken on the same day. We tailor our courses to fit your needs.

You have passed your test, now go and enjoy the FREEDOM