Marches Motorcycle Training - Course Prices

CBT £150 using own bike or scooter
CBT £160 using our bike or scooter

If not completed in one day an additional charge of £30/hour is made

All full licence training is charged at £220/day
Our courses are generally 3 to 4 days depending on experience

Our standard course is:

  • Day 1: £220 Familiarisation with the bike
  • Day 2: £220 come work for the mod1 test where we set the course out full scale at our training facility
  • Day 3: modular 1 test £100
  • Day 4: £220 town work for the mod 2 test
  • Day 5: modular 2 test £150

Bike hire is included in the prices

We recommend day1, day2 & day3 mod1 test are taken close together

Day4 & day5 mod2 test can be taken later on

The training can be taken as a block ie: 3 days training with mod 1 & 2 taken on day4

Download 'Motorcycle manoeuvring - DSA multi-purpose test centre' (PDF, 622KB)

Advanced/intermediate courses £220

Back to biking £220